Her angelic, strong and interpretive voice dances over the folkish compositions and you can't help but listen intently ”

— Icelandic Music Awards Committee 2020

...[Mikael is] a thoughtful, deft musician ready to add his voice to the roster of Scandinavians who continue to sculpt a distinctive jazz sound.”

— Franz A. Matzner, All about Jazz


Marína Ósk  
Vocals, songwriting, lyricwriting, arrangements.
Bookings and marketing.

Mikael Máni
 Electric guitar, acoustic guitar and other instruments, songwriting and lyricwriting, arrangements. Producer.


Tendra’s music is a combination of folk and modern singer/songwriter music while the band members’ common passion for jazz allows the music to open up for improvisation and the unexpected. Instrumentation varies between songs but the band focuses on voice, guitar and effects, as well as piano and minimalistic percussion. The melodies are friendly and showcase experimental textures at times  while the storytelling-style of the Icelandic  lyrics range from a “casual conversation” writing style to being poetic, picturesque and expressive. 

Tendra was founded in the beginning of the year 2020 by guitarist Mikael Máni Ásmundsson and vocalist Marína Ósk. 

Tendra has already released two singles from their upcoming album (Nov 2020) which was granted funding from three foundations in Iceland; Hljóðritasjóður Rannís, Upptökusjóður STEFs and Tónlistarsjóður.

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Email: musicbytendra@gmail.com 

Phone nr: +354 659 1820 / +354 847 7910

 Social Media: Facebook // Instagram // Spotify // Youtube